BluntVille Cigar

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The World's First Fast or Slow Burning Cigar

Fast or Slow Burning Cigar

Double Wrapped - Remove Outer Wrap for Faster Burn
EverFresh Packaging - As Fresh as a Humidified Cigar
Premium Cigar - Made of the Finest Quality Tobacco

Affordable -Available at Your Local Convenient Store

BluntVille Cigar Ever Fresh

Unique EverFresh Packaging
NO MORE Stale Brittle Old Cigars to Return. BluntVille is as fresh as a Humidified Cigar!

Cigars are Meant to be Enjoyed and Appreciated.
But in these busy times, day or night, it's hard to find the time
to fully appreciate a fine quality cigar smoke.
Well now with BluntVille Cigars new "Fast or Slow Burning system",
you can! You'll no longer have to relight that old cigar or worse,
throw out a half smoked cigar. And with BluntVille's unique foil
packaging you're guaranteed a fresh cigar everytime.

BluntVille Cigars - The Way a Cigar Should Be!